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Dr. James Bell

The purpose of the James Bell Internship is to introduce students to the field of Student Affairs. It is named after Cal Poly Pomona's first Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. James Bell.

Dr. Bell first came to Cal Poly Pomona in 1968, as a professor of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. The following year he served as the Director of Black Studies, where he developed and directed the first ever Black Studies Program. At the same time, he was also the Associate Dean for the School of Arts.

His success with academic programs led him to a Special Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs position. In this role he assisted the Vice President with the administration of six academic schools (Arts, Science, Agriculture, Business, Engineering, and Environmental Design), as well as the Library.

In 1972, Dr. Bell was named Vice President for Student Affairs. For 17 years, he was responsible for the administration of all Student Affairs departments, as well as Athletics, E.O.P., Student Affirmative Action, and College and School relations.

His commitment to student success did not end at retirement. Today he is still actively involved in a number of organizations, including the Cal Poly Black Faculty and Staff Association, Pomona Chamber of Commerce, and House of Ruth.

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